← An East London based ready-to-wear label established by Tiffany Alwis in 2012.

Hellespont itself was born out of a love for wearable luxury with the philosophy resting on the blurred line between mens and womenswear.

The identity stepped between masculine/feminine and luxe/alternative.

A new company developed by an air steward to help parents cope with their little one's incredible number of travel items.

A classic, clean and flowing identity marque that can grow with the brand and stand the test of time. Grown up enough for parents and the high end international stores this is to be retailed in yet soft enough to sit confidently within the baby market.


Starting in the historical Covent Garden Market then moving to the infamous Borough Market, family run Elsey & Bent have been the go-to grocers since the early 20th century. They required a identity to visually peg them as such.

Keeping an undesigned feel to reference their family heritage and avoid an overly processed identity; the marque was based upon traditional grocer signage of their time of conception.

Designed and project managed as senior designer at Allies