Through their store, cafe and bakery, The Hungry Guest focuses on sourcing the best, everyday, local and continental products. Creating fresh ready made meals and store cupboard products from their ingredients in their kitchen and baking award-winning artisan bread.

← The beautiful store in Petworth, West Sussex. Previously a Hovis bakery.

→ An ownable packaging and label design that needed to function with a monotone in-store labelling system, ensuring their ever changing seasonal produce was placed on the shelves as quickly as possible.


↑ Bespoke illustrations were created to give a sense of wayfinding to their artisan ready-meals (vegetable, fish, meat or sweet).

Sales following the launch rose above the targeted results and allowed for further private investment; continuing product development and nationwide roll out for both own-brand stores and product sales within multiples.

← The labelling design for the monotone printing system needed to work with a multitude of vessels.

→ The hanging signage system allows for seasonal provenance and product stories and does not clutter the interior of the old Hovis factory. Information given is respectful of their customer's existing knowledge.

Designed and project managed as senior designer at Allies | Architecture by Dublanc Studios | Identity Marque by Giovanna Ticciati | Original Print by Healeys Print Group