Q: What kind of clients do you usually work with?

A: Clients of Studio 1850 align with the studio's values. They want to work for the greater good, seek the freedom to create a life and business they love, and they want to share this way of life with others. They choose to grow their businesses in a ethical and joyous way. They produce beautiful products, artisan produce or bespoke services that make people's lives more beautiful, fulfilling or richer. Their products or services deserve to be a success. They are game changers. They are artisans, business leaders, retailers and designers; from local, to national to international companies.

Q: I would love to work with you but need to convince my boss/bank manager/investor; could you provide some relevant success stories/case studies?

A: Of course! Please contact the studio with information on what your business and ask for a further information pack.

Q: What is your design process?

A: This does vary depending on the services prescribed and the final outcome required. We can of course discuss how this would work with your individual needs.

However, all projects run along these lines:
Initial meeting of minds/consultation - proposal - (following proposal approval) initial concepts - (following client feedback) developed concepts - (following client amends/approval) artwork - (following final client approval) management of web build/print/manufacture/any other service used.

A catch up is scheduled around 3 months after the launch to see how the design is being received, if there's any feedback or anything that can further bring success.

Q: Could you give me a ballpark figure for my next project?

A: Of course, but this does vary depending on the services prescribed and the final outcome required.
If you'd like to discuss your upcoming project or need for design, please do contact the studio.

Q: What's the fine print?

Terms and conditions are included in the information pack which you can request here.

Q: Who will own the intellectual rights?

These will be owned by Studio 1850 until the final payment is received. Following this, all ownership will be relinquished to the client except to display non-sensitive design work/information in the studio's portfolio(s).

Q: Am I covered if I'm not happy with the end result?

Whilst this has never happened, it's completely understood that buying a bespoke product is daunting. Therefore there are clauses to put your mind at ease in the information pack which you can request here.

Q: I'm convinced and I want my business to reach more people, when could we start working together?

Amazing! The studio waiting list is variable so please do make contact and we can discuss your needs and when these are required by.

Q: How long is a typical turnaround?

This completely depends on the services needed, the depth of the final outcomes and whether web build, print, manufacture etc is needed. A start to finish project can be anything from a day's consultation to a few weeks to a few months so please do make contact and we can discuss your needs and when these are required by.

Q: What are the studio opening hours? Can we catch up at any time?


Please do just pick up the phone or drop me an email. The studio opening hours are 9.30am-5.30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, but I endeavour to be here for my clients whenever needed. If I'm in a meeting or away from the studio, just leave a message and I'll return as soon as possible.

Q: Can you help with additional services such as printing, web maintenance and hosting or marketing?

Yes! Design is the asset but it needs vehicles to live to its true potential. Studio 1850 works with and internally manages industry experts (and all round inspirational and amazing people) to ensure you receive a whole brand solution.

If you have a current service provider you'd like to work with, the studio is more than happy to collaborate.

Q: What are your billing and invoicing methods?

This is dependent on the size of the project but invoices are typically sent at the end of every stage. Payment terms are 28 days from invoice date. If it helps with cash flow, payment terms can be discussed at the studio's discretion.

Q: I have feedback on your services, do you want it?

Yes! Please contact the studio and share your thoughts.

Q: Do you collaborate with other companies?

Yes! It's a designer's dream to collaborate with others. If you'd like to discuss an idea, please contact the studio.

Q: Can I schedule an informational chat?

Definitely! It's always a great idea to meet or chat to ensure there is a connection. This will be at our earliest conveniences and scheduled at a time to suit you. Please contact the studio to arrange.

Q: Dear god that's one sweet looking dog on your Instagram feed, what breed is he?

A Boston Terrier! His name is Taco Bones and he's two. Loves balls to the point of addiction (we can't even say it around him, always 'b-a-l-l-s'), carrots, blankets and the beach. Hates being sprayed with dog perfume (Yeah, I know, mean), his coat, the rain, and when we've hidden the b-a-l-l.