Five times award winning Tony Conigliaro is not only acknowledged as one of the UK’s pioneering drinks creators but also as one of the most respected bartenders in his field worldwide.

Ebury Press are the publishers of his book, one part modern and full of craftsmanship; it celebrates his research, his knowledge and, of course, the cocktail.

← Sicilian Sour page spread.

Ebury Press required design for their latest book, a desirable commercial
yet inspiring design that would help project the book to the non-fiction best
seller list. The author has a beautiful mind that needed portraying throughout
the pages; demonstrating his knowledge and craftsmanship throughout.

→ Marshmallow Milkshake spread.


↑ Photography by Addie Chinn.

Photographs referenced retro cocktail hours and typography was precise, open and classic, demonstrating the scholarly craftsmanship of his work.

Designed as a senior designer at Allies Design.

← The infamous Prairie Oyster cocktail.